Michelle Iracheta, Journalist

Michelle Iracheta is an award-winning journalist who lives in Washington State. Originally from Houston, Michelle previously wrote for the multiple news outlets including the Houston Chronicle and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

She has extensive experience covering local breaking news and producing compelling investigative enterprise stories that can engage a myriad of audiences. Her skills include relationship-building, problem-solving and story-telling.

Michelle has more than 10 years working in small to large offices, where she has used her communications skills to collaborate with teammates, sources, clients, vendors and upper management on a number of short and long-term projects.

Michelle is no stranger to being in front of cameras as she once had her own tech show on Mi Casa Broadcasting network called The State of Techsus. She is also incredibly social media savvy and has livestreamed directly from the scene using a variety of online digital tools. This makes her an asset to any media outlet as she has experience in print, radio and television.

Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston. As a senior, Michelle wrote for the The Daily Cougar, UH’s student-run newspaper.

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Multi-talented, bi-lingual reporter who's not afraid to be in the center of it all...

Aside from print and broadcast reporting, Michelle regularly contributes to Concept Art World, a magazine-style website dedicated to the digital art community. She serves as the Senior Coordinator at CAW and is always on the lookout for new artistic talent. She loves to meet new people and tell their stories.

She has been contributing to blogs for more than 10 years. Her first blog was based on her experiences as a Mithra in the MMO, Final Fantasy XI.

Her hobbies include long-form improvisational comedy, playing video games, watching movies, hiking through the mountains of Kauai and catching up on the latest news.

You can contact Michelle below or via Twitter @Cephira.

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