A crowd gathered at a church in Conroe Saturday to grieve the loss of their 62-year-old friend, Kenneth Whigby, who died this month from health complications.

As the clock edged past 11 a.m., Louis “Pepper” Wilkerson never arrived.

William Moore, 34, was waiting outside the West Tabernacle Baptist Church when someone asked him, “You heard about Lisa and Pepper?”

“That’s when stuff started floating around,” he said.

Less than two miles away, around 8:30 a.m., a caller reported finding a woman’s body behind a residence on the 800 block of West Santa Fe Street. Police arrived at a pocket of small wood homes behind Mrs. Louise’s E-Z Inn Lounge, a makeshift club, and across from a narrow line of railroad tracks, just southwest of downtown Conroe and a few hundred yards east of I-45.

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